Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Travelers log - Day 7 in Haiti - 2 orphanges

At MTM's Children's Home, enjoying pizza and a Creole song.

The balcony of Children's Home.

Rivers of Hope's infant room.

Two of the toddlers at Rivers of Hope.

Kim holding Levinsky, an infant looking for a forever family.

Following our emotionally exhausting tour of Port au Prince, we had lunch at a Haitian American restaurant that was heavily guarded, following which we drove to the top of a mountain where we had a view of the entire city of Port au Prince. The city stretches for miles and miles along the coast. Huge ships were visible near the ports, with cranes lifting containers of supply onto the land. If it weren't for the destruction, it would have marked a beautiful spot.

The highlight of the day was visiting 2 orphanages. First we went to MTM's newest project, a children's home for children 6+. We met the 12 children living there, shared pizza with them, and they blessed us with a beautiful song in Creole. All of the children housed at the orphanage receive an education at MTM's Gramothe school. There is much work to be done at this new facility and we look forward to seeing the progress made there.

After the Children's Home, we drove to Rivers of Hope orphanage. We were again able to visit the babies and toddlers there, play with them, and do a quick tour for those who had not yet been there. The children were a bit overwhelmed by our large group but warmed up to us quickly.

Being with the beautiful babies, toddlers, pre-teens and teens helped to curb our overwhelming experience earlier in the day. It's always amazing how children have that effect on you. A smile or laugh can transform your spirit. We are so thankful that we can be involved with Mountain Top Ministries, Rivers of Hope and all of the children they serve, helping them live in a secure environment in the midst of great turmoil, providing them with an education, better health care, and aiding them in finding permanent homes with loving families.

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