Friday, March 5, 2010

Full Suitcases!

Well, the team's suitcases are packed, passports and itinerary have been checked and double-checked, and we are attempting to unwind before tomorrow's travels.

Personally, my bags are filled to the brim with donations from Columbus Montessori and InVentiv Communications. As we stated a few posts ago, the children of Columbus Montessori decided that they wanted to support the work of The Red Thread Promise in Haiti. In addition to the $150 they raised from a pizza fundraiser (which the middle schoolers organized and ran themselves), they also managed to work hand-in-hand with InVentiv Communications to collect the following:

1 envelope full of hand made cards to be given Haitian children
1 tube of toothpaste
1 digital thermometer
2 hand-made hats
4 packages baby wipes
5 hand-made blankets
5 toothbrushes
6 baby bottles
8 packages ramen noodles
20 jars of baby food
28 prepared canned foods
230 Fiber One bars
333 oz of powdered formula
949 disposable toddler training pants
3,690 children's chewable vitamins!!!

After packing my bags and weighing them to ensure that they don't go over the 50 lb. limit, then taking out a few things, re-packing and re-weighing the bags, I have packed as many supplies as I can carry on this particular trip. Thank you Columbus Montessori and InVentiv Communications!

As the media's focus shifts from Haiti to other countries in need, we will still be working in Haiti, helping Haitians rebuild their own lives, their communities and their country. There is much work to do. Tomorrow, we will get a glimpse of the scope of that work and share it with you as we make our way to Haiti for the first time since the earthquake. Please check back on our blog daily as we share our experiences with you.

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