Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Haiti Wheelchair Project

We are delighted to announce that Global Giving has accepted two of our new projects into its fundraising website! Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 16th) happens to be 30% MATCH Day at Global Giving, so your donation will work extra hard.

The Haiti Wheelchair Project:
http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/haiti-wheelchair-project/ or type in "Project 5030" at the Global Giving site. The Red Thread Promise is working to get specialized all-terrian wheelchairs into Haiti. We are honored that a generous donor has offered to match us, wheelchair for wheelchair, up to 50, through the end of May. He will also pay the shipping costs, which are considerable (we're sending a shipping container). Between the 30% match (tomorrow only at the Global Giving site) and the donor match, your donation will be worth 260% of what you donate!

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The Williamson Clan said...

Shane and I were given the opportunity to speak at Chapel for our son's school. We told about Haiti and the effects of the earthquake there. The school (which is only 30 students) took up an offering and asked us to give it to an organization that could use it. We chose to put it towards a wheelchair and donated it today to get the matching grant. : ) We will let the students know what they helped to buy and how it will benefit a person in Haiti. Thank you for getting this together!