Thursday, March 11, 2010

Travelers log - Day 6 in Haiti

Pastor Mike and Kathy at the end of a long day.

The supply room at the clinic.

Dale and a patient, waiting for the boy's turn with a doctor.

Wade, Jennifer and an 80 year old patient.

Pastor Brian holding a toddler who was waiting for her mother to be finished.

The clinic wasn't quite as busy today. We served over 160 patients for a week's total of 773 people. We have seen a variety of ailments including serious burn victims, people with all sorts of skin conditions, a boy with a hand growing out of his chest and a girl with a severely cleft palette. We have treated dozens for scabies, hypertension, diabetes, worms and infections. Hundreds of prescriptions have been filled. Dozens of glasses have been given. What a fantastic week!

The clinic will be open for half the day tomorrow to serve patients and then we will conduct an inventory for the next group that arrives on Monday. Following our work, we will go on a more extensive tour of Port au Prince. I'm sure we'll have more photos to share!

After clinic today, we walked through Gramothe again and met some villagers. They are so gracious and polite and seem to really appreciate our presence. I spoke with Jean Micheal, Rachoul's son, while we were walking. He said that he has been counting the aftershocks since January 12 - he has tallied 70, with the last one being in the past 7 days. Yet people keep on living their lives, doing the best they can with the limited resources they have. In Gramothe, most people are farmers, growing coffee, leeks, and bananas to support their families. They farm land that most would consider unusable. They are very resourceful and extremely hard workers.

After our walk through Gramothe, we hiked down one mountain and up the next to walk through Petionville again. We were there at a really busy time and it was great to see how people really live in this area.

The Haitian people are amazing. So strong in body and spirit. The physical challenges that are a part of everyday life seem incomprehensible to most.

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The Williamson Clan said...

I have so enjoyed following the blog and viewing the photos. We were there in August and built a retaining wall at the base of "the windy, steep road" going up to the clinic and church. We are curious to see how the retaining wall faired through the earthquake. Is it still there?
Thank you for loving on our Christopher. I wish he was coming back with you!!!