Monday, August 19, 2013

HAITI :: Digital Hearing Aids

The Red Thread Promise supports children with disabilities in Haiti, China and the US. 

This video showcases The Red Thread's partnership with Team Canada Healing Hands as we bring digital hearing aids to students from St. Vincent's Center for Handicapped Children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Thank you to everyone who made digital hearing aids possible. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

CHINA :: Swallow's Nest

DXX (left) and her best friend

DXX is growing up: From Pam with Swallow's Nest

DXX is a happy girl!  Very affectionate. She loves playing and interacts with other children very well. Very lovable. Loves giving kisses and hugging staff and other children. 

She doesn't like sleeping "haha" but easily laughs and smiles. She is growing and progressing so much. 

She used to be quiet and would cry if you didn't hold her. But now she crawls all over the place. Swallow's Nest is working with her to learn to walk. She has a little walking rolling chair that she loves being in because she can keep up with the other children. She also is a lot more talkative. 

She learns new words so fast. She has become very outgoing and is learning new things everyday

Monday, August 5, 2013

HAITI :: Many many thanks

Samantha and Kirsten (photo credit: Brian Clark)
To every donor who gave generously...
your financial support made it possible for us to host 40 campers for a full week at the 3rd annual Camp Jake, providing quality medical care, multiple forms of therapy, three meals a day, and a comfortable bed in a nurturing environment. Your gifts allowed these precious children to experience life outside the bustling city in a safe non-judgmental space, surrounded by people who value them as human beings.

Claudio and JoJo (photo credit: Brian Clark)
To every in kind donor who donated supplies...
your gifts of toiletries, apparel, beach towels, sporting equipment, games, snacks, watches, duffle bags and other items allowed us to teach many life-skills over the week including personal hygiene, time management, personal responsibility and protecting their own environment.

Kathy and Dayana (photo credit: Brian Clark)

To every volunteer who gave their time...
your willing spirits and energy helped us fundraise for, organize and promote the camp, securing donations, supplies, counselors and safe travel for 60+ people in a developing country.

Camp Jake 2013 (photo credit: Brian Clark)
To every counselor who tirelessly gave of themselves...
your positive attitudes, big hearts, and passion for equality gave campers the opportunity to be themselves in a loving environment. You modeled respectful behavior toward people with disabilities and set a positive example for others in Haiti. Your example continues to teach campers to accept and love themselves the way God made them.

Thank you to everyone who made this camp possible. 
We look forward to Camp Jake 2014 
and invite you to join us in making it a reality.