Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Travelers log - Day 4 in Haiti

Tom fitting a patient with reading glasses.

Kathy teaching a family how to open a bottle of vitamins.

Kathy, Tom and Christel checking patients in.

Angela, Pastor Mike and Sean preparing the room for a new patient.

Angela and Tom working together.

Today we worked in the clinic again doing a variety of tasks, including taking and recording patients' temperatures and weight, fitting people for eyeglasses, applying scabies ointment and keeping the clinic as tidy as possible with the volume of people coming through the doors. 185 patients were served by our team.

The highlight of our day was a short trip to Rivers of Hope orphanage where we were able to talk with Rachoul about the operation and HOLD THE BABIES.

The facility is beautiful and is just like a home. It has a living room, dining / sunroom, a large bedroom / playroom with bunk beds, cribs and a play area that opens onto a patio. The grounds are well-kept with several connecting outdoor areas, including a small toddler-sized playground.

But the most beautiful aspect is the children. They are so happy and content in their environment with their extended family. There are 4 nannies, 3 onsite at all times caring for the children. We enjoyed spending time with the kids and got to hold most of them, including Christopher.

Thankfully, 6 of 7 babies are matched with families. Rachoul is looking forward to the arrival of 5 new babies this week. We are hoping to meet some of these new faces before we return to the US on Saturday.

We delivered suitcases full of supplies that, in Rachoul's words, "made my day." She gave us all big hugs and was so pleased with the soy milk, vitamins, baby food and diapers. The orphanage shelves are fully stocked again and she was thrilled.

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