Thursday, July 11, 2013

CAMP JAKE: An unexpected day in Miami

We're sure you've heard that old saying: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, that's exactly what the Camp Jake team did in Miami yesterday.

Tropical Storm Chantal (which has since been downgraded to a tropical wave) grounded all planes headed to the Caribbean, delaying the team's departure to Haiti. So it was lemonade time.

After waiting for all volunteers to converge in Miami from their respective flights originating in 7 US states plus Canada, they gathered mountains of luggage and headed to a local hotel. Several strategic groups were formed to accomplish anything they could while waiting for flights to resume.

Our fearless leaders Tom, DeeDee and Shawn revising & rescheduling everything 
(photo credit: Brian Clark)
Team heads worked on logistics for hours: rebooking flights, changing reservations at the camp resort, revising plans with our Haitian drivers and the like. Other groups accomplished smaller tasks like setting all of the campers' watches and working on pieces to an art project.

Audrey, Kirsten, Shawn and Andrew working on the art project
(photo credit: Brian Clark)
Thankfully, after a night's rest, the entire team was able to make it on 3 different flights to Haiti today. While the delay was out of our control, everyone made the best of it. 

Onward to Camp Jake!

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