Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CAMP JAKE: Continuing with physical therapy

During Camp Jake July 2012, with the support of Physicians for Peace therapist, Jake M, we began doing physical therapy with some of the campers. That therapy continues through Camp Jake 2013 with the help of our nurses, Ashly and Danielle. The pair took Marie Line and Christina into the pool for adpated therapy where they stretched and toned muscles while strengthening their cores.
Christina being helped into the pool for therapy (photo credit: Brian Clark)
Ashly working with Christina (photo credit: Brian Clark)

During an interview prior to camp, we asked each of our nurses to tell us a bit about themselves and what compelled them to volunteer. (Read about Danielle.)

Originally from New Orleans, Ashly is a recent graduate of nursing school and sister of Camp Jake Director, Tom. After speaking with her, it was evident that Tom's enthusiasm for camp had certainly rubbed off! Having heard the gritty details of the two previous camps first-hand, Ashly acknowledged that the workload would be huge but she was up for the challenge. "This certainly won't be a vacation, but I am really looking forward to doing things for others. Relationships built with the campers will be hard to break at the end of the week. I'm prepared for this to bring out raw emotions in all of us."

In a more formal statement, Ashly wrote "My underlying passion is caring for others. This passion fuels my search for volunteer opportunities where my compassion and skills can be used to their fullest. I was—and still am—inspired by The Red Thread Promise’s mission to provide for orphans and needy children and positively impact their young lives. As this is my first mission trip, I plan to learn more about Haiti's culture, population end environment to further my involvement in projects dedicated to improving living conditions. Finally, I hope that I will be empowered by the individuals I encounter, walking away with a humbling and satisfying experience that will change my outlook on life."  
Interested in serving as medical staff during Camp Jake 2014? 
Please fill out the volunteer interest form on our website and we'll get back to you! We're already looking for people for next year's camp.

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