Monday, July 29, 2013

HAITI :: Making wishes at Camp Jake

Counselors preparing the hand-made Chinese sky lanterns (photo credit: Brian Clark)
Young Frenel and Michel pushing their wish skyward (photo credit: Brian Clark)

Following the traditional "end of camp dance" on the final evening of Camp Jake, counselors made their way to the beach, each carrying a biodegradable sky lantern to be released at sundown. All counselors prepared a wish for their group of kids that would be shared as the lanterns were lit and released over the ocean.

The onset of rain and the delicacy of the tissue paper may have hurried the process along, but the weather couldn't change the heartfelt wishes each counselor attached to their lantern. It was a memorable finale to the third successful camp, one that was shared by all campers, counselors, Kaliko staff members and other resort guests. 

"I wished for a productive and happy life for my kids 
and for more acceptance of them in Haiti." 
~ Shawn 

"I wished for the campers' safety, happiness and health." 
~ Kathy, The Red Thread Promise President 

"I wished for the kids to never give up hope; 
for them to find their purpose in life and make a difference in the world; 
and finally, for each to know and believe how much they matter."
~ Tina 

Camp Jake Director Tom propelling a lantern into the sky (photo credit: Brian Clark)

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