Monday, July 15, 2013

CAMP JAKE: Medical care at camp

Ashly & Danielle treat Jean for an aggravated lesion received prior to camp 
(photo credit: Brian Clark)
Thanks to our long-term partnership with Physicians for Peace, campers receive medical care during their week with us. Physicians for Peace sponsored our two nurses, Danielle and Ashly, bringing round-the-clock expertise to our team.

We will be keeping our nurses busy! The pair will:
  • provide guidance to campers and caretakers alike on maintaining clean and healthy habits when caring for themselves or others
  • support the camp in any medical situation that may arise, including recommendations for followup care upon their return to St. Vincent's
  • record any medical concerns campers bring to Camp Jake, address them as possible during the week, and follow up with Fr. Sadoni for further treatment following camp
  • continue the physical therapy exercises taught by Jake during the July 2012 camp, encouraging similar practices
To avoid infection, Danielle applies anti-bacterial creme after swimming 
(photo credit: Brian Clark)
During an interview prior to Camp Jake 2013, we asked each of our nurses to tell us a bit about themselves and why they wanted to participate in camp. (Read about Danielle below and Ashly in our next post.)

Originally from Baton Rouge, Danielle is a recent graduate of nursing school. For her first mission trip, she brings her bubbly positive attitude, deep love of children, and passion for healthcare to the table. When asked how she felt about going to Haiti, we couldn't write fast enough! "Happy. Excited. Nervous. A touch scared. But mostly excited! I know that my perspective on life will be forever changed. I hope I can be a positive influence on the campers' lives."

In a more formal statement, Danielle wrote "I chose to be a part of Camp Jake for many reasons. I want to refine my vision of life, to broaden my thinking based on this experience, and consider new ways of doing things. By serving these children, I hope to learn and refine skills that can be used throughout my life and shared with others. But most importantly, the measure of success will be based on one thing: returning with knowledge that will help me impact the needs of my own community."
Ashly (left) and Danielle (right)
Interested in serving as medical staff during Camp Jake 2014? 
Please fill out the volunteer interest form on our website and we'll get back to you! We're already looking for people for next year's camp.

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