Sunday, July 14, 2013

CAMP JAKE: Arrival!

The arrival of the first bus and Christina making her grand entrance

Camp Jake 2013 has truly begun now that the campers have arrived! Two busses picked up kids from St. Vincent's on Saturday morning—one at 9:00 and one at 10:00am—to begin the bumpy trek to Kaliko Beach. 

Shawn greeting the ever-smiling Yolene
The first bus, toting the non-ambulatory kids, arrived before noon to cheerful greetings from counselors. As always, the enthusiasm was electric! Campers were very excited to reconnect with Tom, Shawn and DeeDee who they remembered well from previous camps. The new counselors received warm introductions, big hugs and eager smiles. About an hour later, the second bus arrived with all able-bodied campers and, once again, loud cheers resounded through the resort. (Author's note: Wonder what the other resort guests thought of our arrival!)

Maille and Solomon greeted by Shawn and Tom
Following cold drinks and receiving name bracelets, each camper was introduced to their counselor: the person who would provide a wake-up call in the morning, ensure that they made it to each activity and meal, and take them to their room every eveningThen it was off to lunch, the pool for an afternoon of swimming, dinner and a movie: Pirates of the Caribbean, of course!

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