Tuesday, February 15, 2011


After posting about JoJo and his artwork, several people have contacted us about purchasing his paintings to support St. Vincent’s. Unfortunately, we were not able to see JoJo again after our last post and were unable to fill any requests during this trip. However, if you are interested in purchasing any of his artwork, please contact Kathy@redthreadpromise.org to make arrangements. Some of our team members will be back at St. Vincent’s with a medical team March 15 – 19th, 2011 and would be happy to purchase a painting for you.

In the meantime, we thought we’d share the ones that we purchased. Each is beautiful and has a completely different feeling. But more important than the art is the very talented man behind it. He has overcome obstacles in life that most would consider impossible. He is making his dream come true as an artist and has a passion for helping those who have helped him: the staff and children of St. Vincent’s.

Detail of painting above

We are hoping that in some small way, we can help JoJo fulfill his dream of creating a gallery:
  • one where the artwork of the children is sold locally and internationally to increase funding and awareness for St. Vincent’s
  • one that would give other children with disabilities the opportunity to find a trade that will allow them to become independent as adults
  • one that would have a glass wall in the front so Haitians could see the children creating their masterpieces, making a living for themselves
  • one that will be the catalyst that changes his countrymen’s view of the disabled, finally recognizing them as productive human beings.

When I work with the blind, I am their eyes; they are my feet
When the deaf help me, I am their ears; they are my hands
When I embrace the mute, I am their voice; they are my limbs.
~ Joseph John Paul “JoJo”

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