Wednesday, February 9, 2011


After a restless night's sleep due to the hot, humid weather and plethora of bug bites we are enduring, we re-read last night's blog post and noticed something interesting that we didn't catch yesterday.

One of the things we didn't share in the previous post is that when we were in Fr. Sadoni's office unboxing the wheelchair, we asked if had a recipient in mind for the chair. His initial response was "You choose."

It wasn't until after we had the chair set up and he noted the tiny size of the wheelchair that he stated "I know the perfect child for this chair." We then carried the chair upstairs to the classroom to Dianna.

Since we haven't shared photos of the classrooms and students (yet!), you may not know that every child at St. Vincent's is required to wear a school uniform. (This is a part of Haitian culture, not exclusive to the center.) St. Vincent's uniforms are white and blue, some solids and some small checkered.

When we looked at Dianna's cherub face again today, we REALLY noted that she is wearing a bright red dress. Yet when we review the photos we took of the primary and secondary students yesterday, every other child is in their blue and white school uniform. This appears to be the only one "breaking the dress code".

All morning we have been questioning each other about this:
  • why was she the only one dressed differently?
  • and why is she wearing red?
Think we'll be asking Fr. Sadoni this morning. Maybe he can shed some light that we have missed along our journey.

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Heather said...

God knew of her special occasion. HE had her dress accordingly, to meet her angels of course!