Sunday, February 6, 2011

Airports, chuckles and blessings

Sitting on a Embrear 145, a small commuter airplane en route to Miami, for 3+ hours is a blessing. It gives you time to think. Plenty of time.

Time to wonder what was so bad that the lady ahead of us in line at baggage check was inexplicably rude to the agent on the other side of the desk. Time to chuckle about going through security with all sorts of medical equipment that made the security people nervous enough to empty the contents of most of your bags and question everything. Time to laugh at yourself as you try desperately to get all of your carry on bags into the tiny bathroom stalls in the airport without dunking anything into the toilet.

But most of all it gives you time to reflect on what has led up to this moment and to consider the moments to come.

It gives you time to count your blessings and think of those who have contributed in one of a thousand ways to make this trip possible:
  • Those who planned the trip and coordinated every detail, both in the US and in Haiti
  • Those who gave generous financial gifts, supporting both TRTP and individual team members
  • Those who purchased much needed supplies for St. Vincent’s
  • Those who are caring for the children and families we leave behind to do this work
  • Those who have pledged their prayers and positive thoughts for the team’s safety and work with the children
A multitude of thank yous ring in our minds and on our lips.

The view outside the plane as we neared Miami

Watching the horizon line change from the skyline of a city, to a mountain range, to the edge of the ocean, to the place where the sky meets a blanket of clouds, reminds us of the varied types of work will be do this week at St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children. Our “to do” list is lengthy, but our spirits are ready!

We look forward to strengthening the relationships between our team members and sparking new friendships with our Haitian brothers and sisters; bonding with and caring for the exceptional children in St. Vincent’s care; and forging a long-term plan for support of the needy and orphaned children in Haiti.

Check back frequently throughout the week as we report on our work as well as our observations of Haiti nearly 13 months since the devastating earthquake. The media has not painted a glowing picture of progress. We will be your eyes and ears allowing you to make your own determination.

Let’s get the week started!

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