Thursday, February 10, 2011

TRAVELER'S LOG - day 4 in Haiti - An artist

JoJo and his helper, preparing to paint

Hana and the artwork she purchased from the artist

Loved being at St. Vincent's again today. (Technically it was yesterday, but who's splitting hairs?) There are 280 children there now and we got to meet every one of them as well as all of the teachers and quite a few of the non-teaching staff. But that's a story for another post.

Today, JoJo allowed us to watch him working on his latest canvas. What a blessing.

He has a tub full of acrylic paints and several deaf and mute "helpers" that aid him in set up and preparation to work. He is proud of his fold up easel and his helpers treat it with care.

He spoke to us the entire time he painted and shared some of the things he did when Sister Joan was alive. He also gave a graphic depiction of his experience the day of the earthquake and the surrounding months.

JoJo and Sonya, surrounded by his paintings

(Author's note: being an artist myself, I am planning to surprise him with some of my favorite brand of acrylic paints and possibly some brushes)


melanie said...

Hey Ladies - Can you purchase a painting for me by this talented man? I will reimburse you immediately. I am in awe of him, his spirit and talent. Thank you so much for sharing. Jen

Jen@TRTP said...

Hey Ladies - that is from me, Jennifer Mesick, not my daughter Melanie who left her google acct open on my computer!