Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things we love about Camp Jake - Sports

Jean Leonard enjoying some quality air time with a beach ball.

Sports at Camp Jake took on some different forms than those found in a typical American camp, but they were no less fun! Games of soccer, frisbee golf and basketball popped up here and there. Campers learned how to fly kites in the breezes off the ocean. Blind and sighted kids alike played with a 60" inflatable ball that allowed them to really "feel" the game. This huge ball took 1.5 hours to inflate and could literally "bowl you over" if you weren't paying attention when it came your way. Rolling it back and forth in the sand turned into an all-body workout and the participants couldn't have been happier. Those in wheelchairs took turns volleying a smaller inflatable with just as much vigor as those using the oversized counterpart.

The blind students appreciated this very tactile experience.

Danika quickly made friends with the octopus kite!

Lovely honing her jump rope skills at twilight.

Olixus mastering frisbee golf.

Moise, Jeff & Sonya played basketball by moonlight one evening.
Who knows how long we stayed on the court, but we made sure we didn't
leave until Moise had made the basket that he so longed for.
The satisfaction on his face following that one shot made it worth every moment.

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