Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things we love about Camp Jake - Playing games

Samantha making her move.

When the campers thought it was too cold to get in the pool (cleary the Haitian perspective, not the American!), rousing games of Jenga, checkers and cards popped up everywhere. Jenga was a new one for the campers and they took to it right away, squealing with delight whenever someone toppled the tower of blocks.

A fierce game of poolside Jenga.

Solomon strategizing his next move.

JoJo proved to be the reigning champ of checkers, although Sonya did beat him once. (She confided that she thought he "let" her win...) Even the youngest campers took a shot at it!

Jean Leonard setting up the game for the next match.

JoJo decided how to beat Brandon!

Solomon making his move.

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