Monday, January 16, 2012

Things we love about Camp Jake - Artwork with Kenson and Moise

Icarus (Jazz) by Henri Matisse (1947)

Kenson was one of the older campers. Honestly, he was less than thrilled when asked to participate. However, by the end the afternoon, he was relaxed and proud of his accomplishment. As you can see, he preferred a very Matisse-inspired shade of blue and a much more graphic approach than most. The result is beautiful.

Jabari tracing Kenson.

Moise is quite the artist as well. Both he and Kenson are avid basketball players but their approach to painting couldn't be more different. Rather than hopping out of his wheelchair and painting on the floor, Moise opted to paint at the table in his chair. He chose a style that was a fusion of graphic and realistic, creating something uniquely his own. This young man always has a smile on his face and we a joy to be with all week long.

Moise beginning his painting journey.

Moise's masterpiece.

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