Saturday, January 14, 2012

Things we love about Camp Jake - Art projects

Bousico embarking on his artistic adventure.

Art is one of the beautiful things in life that truly transcends language barriers. Our entire group of nearly 45 people embarked on an artful expedition during Camp Jake and the fact that 4 different languages were spoken didn't slow us down one bit. After much reflection, we shared an aha moment and determined that art is its own language, speaking to everyone in some way.

This past week, Kelly led a fantastic art project with all campers. Even those who adamantly opposed to working on it when the idea was presented were "drawn in" by the end of the week (and, yes, every pun intended!).

Picture this: Each camper had a life size piece of canvas on the floor. They laid down on it in any way they chose or were able and one of our team members traced their outline. Then the real fun began! Paints of all colors were set out and the campers were encouraged to paint whatever they wanted. Many chose a realistic approach, matching skin tones and clothing to what they were wearing that day. Some were more abstract, such as Kenson in his "blue period" who opted for a more simple execution. The paintings are as unique as those who created them.

It was a fantastic experience for everyone and we thank Kelly her tireless work with every camper throughout the week. Who knows? Some of these masterpieces may end up in an art gallery some day. Of course, we'll let you know when that happens.

Creativity in motion.

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