Wednesday, January 20, 2010

St. Paul's Prayer Vigil

St. Paul's Episcopal Church has partnered with The Red Thread Promise to provide relief in Haiti. The photo above is from their prayer vigil on Friday. Father Scott shares his thoughts about the dedication of the people of New Orleans to help Haitians:

"The people of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in New Orleans are a people who, when we think of our sisters and brothers in Haiti at this time of crisis and tragedy, truly do know what it means. After Hurricane Katrina, the hearts and hands of people across America joined together in compassion and cooperation to help us and stand by us, even to this very day. Having received so much that we could never pay back, we committed ourselves to honoring the gift of God working through others by paying those gifts forward. We cannot help but see ourselves in the people of Haiti. We believe the Spirit of God is moving us to stand by the people of Haiti in any way we can. And we are committed to doing this, to walking with the people of Haiti on this long journey ahead as their companions, for however long that journey takes and to wherever it leads."

~Father Scott Albergate, Rector of St. Paul's Church

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