Sunday, January 3, 2010


We heard from Kathy today via email at about noon EST.

This morning she traveled on the back of a 4-wheeler(!) to attend her first church service at Mountain Top Ministries (MTM). (Beth, Willem's wife, took a snapshot while Kathy was riding on the back - I am looking forward to seeing this one and posting when I receive it.)

Although Kathy understood very little of the service, she said it was beautiful. She spoke to the congregation through her translator, Willem, director of MTM. She explained that she would be a familiar face at MTM over the next 5 months and spoke enthusiastically about the ESL program beginning tomorrow. Willem shared that each kindergardener will receive a certificate at the end of the 5 months stating that they completed the first portion of the ESL class. Kathy will hand out the certificates in May.

Willem shared with us that students attending MTM School are required to go to MTM's church service each month. Due to the large number of students and their families, they can not all go to church at the same time because the building can not hold them all simultaneously. What a blessing to have these resources available for people in this region!

We are hopeful to hear more from Kathy throughout the week. However, her last statement in the email was that her power cord may be going out on her laptop and she has no hope of getting a new one where she is in Haiti. Cross your fingers and toes that the cord lasts until the end of the week!

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