Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DAY 3 IN HAITI - Second day of the ESL program

The second day of the ESL class was as busy as the first. About 40 students arrived to review words from Monday's class as well as new words like window, wall, fort, flag, balloon, gift, chalkboard, floor and many others. The children sang "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes" to learn parts of the body including nose, eye, ear, arm, leg, stomach, spine, etc. Kathy enjoyed the company of Robert, a new translator for the day whose English is very good. He will accompany Kathy on Wednesday as well.

Following the class, Kathy met Rachoul, director of Rivers of Hope Orphanage, and 1-year-old Xavier (pictured at top) on their way to the hospital. Xavier began the day vomiting and has a case of diarrhea. Rachoul called the doctor that morning who suggested she take him to the hospital to avoid dehydration. Three hours later, after paying all hospital fees up front, Xavier was admitted for a 48 hour stay. Rachoul then purchased all of his medicine and carried it to his room to be administered by hospital staff.

After making sure Xavier was comfortable, Kathy enjoyed her first meal at a Haitian restaurant with Rachoul. Per Kathy, "Yummy is a good word for lunch. The lemon drink was fresh squeezed." Then they called the nanny staying with Xavier to learn that he was finally sleeping.

To cap off the day, Kathy ran errands. Mountain Top Ministries needed two mattresses purchased, Rivers of Hope needed medicine for another of the 15 children in their charge, and then finally the trip back to Mountain Top Ministries to rest and catch up on TRTP paperwork.

(Author's note: I think Rachoul has a second calling as a photographer. If I understood Kathy correctly, Rachoul took this photo of Xavier. How adorable!)


Gracey said...

My name is Grace and my family and I often take trips to Haiti to work with rivers of Hope and Mountain Top Ministries. I am a fan of the Red Thread Project on Facebook, and was pleasantly surprised when I saw this post bc. I took the picture of Xavier on our last trip. I took many pictures of the kids at the orphanage and I am so glad to see that they are being used to further the ministry!
I just wanted to share the story and good luck in all your work!:)

Gracey said...

Oh and praying for Xavier too!!

Glenna Lee Howell Fisher said...

He is an adorable little boy. Praying that he gets better, and fast.