Monday, October 14, 2013

HAITI :: Fresh-squeezed philanthropy

Anthony, aka "the Lemonade Guy" 
Contrary to popular belief, goodwill surrounds us. Sometimes we just have to open our eyes wide enough to see it. It is a beautiful sight wherever we find it, especially when we recognize it as the twinkle in an 8-year-old's eye. 

Meet Anthony, a second grader from Houston, Texas whose goodwill materialized in the form of a lemonade stand. For two days he operated his lemonade stand with a sign stating "50 cents for each cup. Goes to charity." Over that time he raised nearly $50 for The Red Thread to benefit kids in Haiti.

We are extremely blessed to know young people like Anthony, KimmieZach, Maggie, Elyse, Brookie, Marigny, Emily, Carleigh and Zach, and students at Columbus Montessori Education Center who follow their heart and take time to serve others in a meaningful way. We hope these stories encourage other youth to find ways to make a difference in our world.

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