Friday, June 21, 2013

Small children, BIG hearts!

TRTP Vice President, Sonya, receiving the check
from Columbus Montessori graduate

We've said it before and we'll say it again:
We absolutely LOVE when kids 
get involved in our mission!

For the 3rd year running, The Red Thread Promise has been the recipient of funds raised by a group of elementary children from Columbus Montessori Education Center in central Ohio. 

The school's Upper Elementary class—consisting of 4th, 5th and 6th graders—operated their own pizza business during the school year. Students organized and implemented all day-to-day operations, including order taking and pizza delivery, and were responsible for managing both profits and expenses throughout the duration of the project.

And, wow, did their hard work paid off:
  • it funded 100% of their end-of-year class trip to Cincinnati
  • it allowed them to help others within their own school community - 20% of the proceeds was gifted back to Columbus Montessori in support of the school's beautiful new labyrinth
  • it allowed students to make a global difference for needy and orphaned children - 20% of the proceeds was gifted to The Red Thread Promise, providing hope and healing to little ones in China, Haiti and the USA
The awards and graduation ceremony
Not only was the project a very successful fundraiser, but a hands-on learning opportunity for the entire class. In addition to lessons about running a business, students learned about philanthropy, giving back to their own community as well as those they may never meet. These are invaluable life-lessons that will never be forgotten by both those who participated in the fundraiser as well as those who benefit from their generosity.

To those young people we say THANK YOU and encourage them to follow our work via this blog, website, and Facebook page to see how their donations are put to good use.

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