Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Zach directing traffic to the lemonade stand

Some thirsty patrons of the lemonade stand

“We need more lemonade!”That cry reverberated through Glenna's house repeatedly on Wednesday, July 14, as Jacob’s sisters, cousins and neighborhood kids poured glass after glass of tangy-sweet refreshment for both walk-up and drive-through customers at Jacob’s Fund’s Lemonade Sale. The hot, thirsty afternoon drew business people, workmen, Vacation Bible School teachers, neighbors and friends of all ages. Visitors munched brownies, chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes as they relaxed under a shade tree and watched Jacob’s baby sister, Juliet, play.

Weeks earlier, Evan and Mason—the senior members of the group at age 14—began planning the lemonade sale, making work assignments, selecting the right location and scheduling the hours of operation. They dubbed all adults as cooks and secured a neighbor's driveway near an intersection to maximize sales. Each of the seven member team had a job crucial to the success of the sale.

  • Maggie stayed up late the night before to make a fabulous t-shirt featuring the lemonade stand.

Maggie, t-shirt artist extraordinaire
  • Elyse, Jacob's sister, decorated cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles. Of course, the cupcakes were the much sought after favorites of young customers.
Elyse (left) and Brookie (right)
  • Brookie was everywhere - setting up, pouring, making change, and moving everyone out of the hot sun to a spot under a tree when the temperature rose to nearly 95 degrees.
  • Mollie selected strategic spots for signs which she and Zach posted.
    Molly proudly displaying the flyer

  • Zach’s his melodic “Get your ice-cold lemonade here!” brought attention to the stand.

Proceeds of the sale topped out at $89.23! Those funds are now traveling along the silken Red Thread to McKenna Farms to the child who will sit astride a horse for another therapy session thanks to seven kids and a lemonade stand on a hot afternoon.

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