Sunday, June 2, 2013

CAMP JAKE: Camp Director visits St. Vincent's

St. Vincent's students greeting Tom
As you've read on many occasions, Tom travels to Haiti often during each year to see his friends at St. Vincent's. But there is no time where residents celebrate his arrival more than the visit that takes place 8 weeks before Camp Jake. This trip—May 15th through 20th—was no exception!

As he pulled through the gates of St.Vincent's, former campers emerged from the dormitories, kitchen, clinic, classrooms and convened at the SUV. Even as he opened the door, campers pummeled him with questions about camp in French, English and in sign language:
  • which counselors were returning from Camp Jake 2012?
  • what activities were planned for the upcoming camp?
  • are they going to the same resort?
Several even pulled Tom aside following his visit and shared that Camp Jake was truly the one event they look forward to each year and asked that he promise they will always have Camp Jake. Of course, Tom answered that as long as he was around and there were campers as eager as they were to attend, there would always be a Camp Jake!

His answer brought a smile to each camper's face as well as the entire The Red Thread Promise team.

Tom and Samuel at Camp Jake / July 2012

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