Thursday, May 2, 2013

Haiti Happenings, Part 8 - HOLY TRINITY & ST. VINCENT'S

Holy Trinity Symphony

Only blocks away from the empty palace grounds are what remain of Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. Our team and others from the Haiti Connection conference toured their large temporary sanctuary and school that take up all of the usable property. Both the music school and classes continue for students. 
Holy Trinity students listening to the symphony

We were fortunate enough to arrive when Les Petite Chanteaurs (Boys Choir) and Holy Trinity Symphony Orchestra were practicing for an upcoming event. What a treat it was to enjoy their music! 

Sadly, a HUGE cathedral bell—one of the only remaining artifacts from the original cathedral—was recently stolen. How the thieves were able to move such a massive bell is unimaginable. The bells have now been walled in with cement to prevent further theft until the cathedral is rebuilt in years to come. 
The bells from Holy Trinity (photo from 2011)
Last, but certainly not least, St. Vincent’s is steadily showing signs of rebirth:
  • St. Vincent’s now has its very own library which is slowly being stocked with books
  • Kathy tested out the new sound-proof audiology booth that is set up in a dedicated space to serve the deaf children
  • The storage room that we cleaned out and organized two years ago has been converted to a music room that will soon be shared with computer lab The Red Thread is helping to establish
  • The water purification system is up and running 

      Claurrician, a student at St. Vincent's operating St. Vincent's new gift shop,
      and John, a friend from West Tennessee Haiti Partnership.
      The shop sell's student's work, including jewelry, artwork and handbags
      Journeyman working in the new brace shop
      The brace shop
      The brace shop shares space with the new clinic
      The building will house an expanded pharmacy and multiple clinic rooms
      As soon as these areas are furnished and stocked, it will be open for business,
      serving St. Vincent's students, staff and the community
      The new facility will house both permanent and visiting medical teams year round
      Looking into a clinic room
      The view from inside the clinic looking out
      And, to our delight, the children are growing up! They are each a year older and happy. New faces abound as well. The school is now running at full capacity for the current space. And yet there are still children waiting to get in the doors of this very special place in the heart of Port-au-Prince.

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