Monday, April 22, 2013

Haiti Happenings, Part 5 - THE HAITI CONNECTION!

Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs (left)
As much as we love working with the kids at St. Vincent’s, the primary purpose for our recent trip to Haiti was to participate in the Haiti Connection, a conference hosted by the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti for all partners involved in the organization's many programs. The Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pierre-Richard Casimir, and The Rt. Revd Jean Zaché Duracin were among the esteemed speakers at the 3-day event focusing on the topic of building partnerships. 

Presenters for the St. Vincent's partnership 
Of course, our interest lies in St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children. Six teams attended the conference to show their support of the rebuild of St. Vincent’s and share the work each is doing at the Center. We are humbled to be working with such wonderful organizations on behalf of the children:
  • Children’s Medical Mission Board
  • Children’s Medical Mission for Haiti
  • Friends of St. Vincent’s
  • Team Canada Healing Hands
  • West Tennessee Haiti Partnership
Sonya, TRTP Vice President
We were honored to be one of the guest speakers at the conference, talking about our partnership with St. Vincent’s and our relationship with other St. Vincent’s support groups. TRTP Vice President, Sonya Yencer, spoke on our behalf, sharing our recent and current work:
  • delivering a handicapped bus that seats 16 wheelchairs
  • providing 100 all terrain wheelchairs 
  • establishing a computer lab (estimated completion in 2013) 
  • hosting 3 Camp Jake summer programs for children with disabilities
Sonya stressed the importance of building long-term relationships, not only with St. Vincent’s (our direct partner), but also with other supporters of St. Vincent’s. It has been The Red Thread’s experience that we are stronger and more efficient when we work together with other non-profits, capitalizing on the strengths of each organization. When we work for the benefit of the whole—not our individual egos—we are able to accomplish much more than ever anticipated.

We made many wonderful contacts at the convention and are excited to see the progress made as St. Vincent is re-imagined and rebuilt. We are proud to be a part of the team and so glad for your ongoing support.

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