Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Haiti Happenings, Part 1 - BRACES!

What's new at St. Vincent's?


Sixty or more Haiti Connection participants were able to tour St. Vincent's school, clinic and  brace shop today. Our team popped in to the brace shop to take a quick look before going to St. Vincent's to work with the kids. It was wonderful to see the brace shop up and running in the new space: large rooms, durable shiny tile floors, fresh paint, ample storage, adequate plumbing. The talented workers at the brace shop fashion custom braces and prosthesis for St. Vincent's students as well as referrals from local hospitals. 

Expanded & remodeled facilities
Interesting architecture
Fresh paint
Father Sadoni giving a tour of the facility
Visitors to the brace shop

Journeymen brace shop workers practicing their trade;
one is deaf and one physically-handicapped
New equipment

The old space waiting to be cleared
The retired bus

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