Saturday, July 14, 2012

CAMP JAKE :: Lessons Learned, part 3

One of our non-furry friends

We observed an abundance of lizards in various shapes and sizes hang out along the coast. From 1" - 12" long, these adorable creatures crawl on the rocks, sidewalks, plants and walls. They call to each other at night with a most peculiar sound and scurry around in the bathrooms.

But the funniest thing was finding out that they like to poop on the counters in the bathroom. Yes, you read that correctly... Following which their friends, the ants, carry the poop onto toothbrushes and other bathroom items for unknown reasons. 

The present left by the lizard and ants
To make matters even worse, one of the counselors was looking through Kaliko's printed materials and ran across this! 

The text reads: Please do not be afraid. These little animals eat mosquitoes
and run away at your presence. Unfortunately, it does happen that they
leave trace of their route through the bathroom like in the sink or on the counter.
Please excuse their behavior and be understanding of their natural needs.

The warning came a day to late for Tom. We bid Tom's toothbrush farewell and gave it a proper burial.

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