Thursday, July 12, 2012

CAMP JAKE :: The Final Countdown

The whole herd
In less than 10 hours, we will be greeting the children from St. Vincent's Center for Handicapped Children at Kaliko Beach Club! In preparation to receive them, today was filled with sorting / planning / rule review / pool safety / walkie talkie training / organizing and resting up for the whirlwind of activity to follow. 
Salle Koray, aka Camp Jake Command Central
It was amazing to see how much work was accomplished this morning after a good night's sleep, a few eggs, fresh watermelon and passionfruit juices and a whole lot of coffee! The team turned the Salle Koray (the enclosed common area that our team is taking over for the next 8 days) into Camp Jake Command Central.

Jonas & Gregory sorting supplies
DeeDee categorizing snacks

All 40+ suitcases were opened, contents emptied, and sorted. Suitcases were re-packed by theme: sports, aquatics, board games, art supplies, snacks, hygiene packages, relaxation / spa, manicure supplies, etc so each can be wheeled to the location of the activity with ease.

DeeDee and Caroline as part of the backpack assembly line

Laura filling backpacks with personal care kits
Just a few of the backpacks!
Individual backpacks were filled with items for the campers including: a bright orange Camp Jake shirt, Tulane Athletic Department t-shirts and hats, personal care kits, a variety of healthy snacks and various school supplies and fun items. All of the new campers will be receiving a pair of shoes as well, like those who attended the January session.

In addition, camper / counselor room assignments were given; activities of all kinds were organized; name tags were hand-made by our resident artist; a tour of the facility was made by the group; a spot was selected for ocean swimming; art supplies were laid out to begin the 3D mask making process tomorrow; strategies were discussed for getting to know the campers on the first day; and finally we were encouraged to use our down time wisely during the week. We're ALL going to need it!

And it rained. Oh did it rain. It was pouring so hard you could hardly hear one another speak. Like last night, with the rain came much cooler temperatures which were welcomed by all.

The team is trying to get to bed earlier tonight so we are ready for the kids tomorrow. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they make the bus ride to the campsite early in the morning. ETA: 9:00am!!!

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