Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nuggets from Haiti - 2011, part 1

So, what do a bunch of medical professionals do for fun during their down time in Haiti? They break out the Vaseline and other concoctions to mix up batches and batches of scabies medicine, chuckling as the non-medical staff turns green just looking at the homemade goop, envisioning what needs to be done with it in the coming days.

(seated) Sienna; clockwise from left: Sherye, Dr. Bheki, Wes,
Susan and Wade mixing up scabies ointment

Having too much fun!

And what does it look like when an English-speaking American doctor tries to communicate with a deaf Haitian brace shop worker? It is absolutely fascinating. Neither spoke the other’s language, yet they managed to have a deep conversation about the different styles of braces and orthotics handmade by the craftsmen at St. Vincent’s. Amazing to see how caring for others transcends any language barrier.

Brace shop workers "speaking" with Dr. Eric about the manufacturing process

Transcending the language barrier

These are some of the little snippets from The Red Thread’s first four trips to Haiti this year that didn’t warrant a dedicated post but we wanted to share. We thought you would enjoy these fun, interesting nuggets from our travels that provide another glimpse into our work and Haitian culture. Look for more "nuggets" in emails to come.

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