Thursday, July 21, 2011

Celebrating Jacob's life!

Jacob Noah Beachy

July 21, 2007 marks the day that the world lost a beautiful little boy named Jacob Noah Beachy. He, as you may know, is the namesake for The Red Thread’s domestic program: Jacob’s Fund. Born with a congenital heart defect, he endured 3 surgeries to repair his tiny heart. Following his last surgery, at the tender age of 3, he contracted MRSA and slipped away.

Mom holding Jacob and sister, Elyse

But today we refuse to mourn his loss—rather, we choose to celebrate his life! We remember the funny, spunky little boy who surprised, amazed and delighted both his family and everyone around him. We share our favorite memories of him, such as the times he heard birds chirping and said “Those birdies are talking to me.” Or when he would go to a children’s gymnasium where the teacher would blow bubbles on all the children’s bare bellies. As soon as Jacob heard the word “bubbles”, he’d pull up his t-shirt in anticipation!

The Red Thread Promise honors Jacob’s life every time we award a scholarship to a child in need of hippotherapy, the same critical treatment that Jacob received on many occasions. We celebrate when these children enjoy small successes on the backs of horses, at the hands of skilled therapists and handlers. When they say their first words or take their first steps – things their families had thought impossible – we see Jacob’s spirit alive and well in each one of them.

Jacob during a hippotherapy session

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Jacob’s Fund to help provide hippotherapy to an underprivileged child living with a disability. Help keep Jacob’s spirit alive through your generosity. For your convenience, a PayPal button can be found on the sidebar or checks can be sent to The Red Thread Promise, 4027 Dauphine Street, New Orleans, LA 70117. Kindly write “Jacob’s Fund” in the memo line.

We leave you with Jacob’s favorite book to read with his grandma. When they reached the end, he’d shut the book and say, “the end.” Then he would hand it to Grandma and say, “again!” And, of course, she would oblige him every time by reading:

by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak

I love you through and through
I love your top side
I love your bottom side
I love your inside
and outside
I love your happy side
your sad side
your silly side
your mad side.
I love your fingers
and toes
your ears
and nose
I love your hair and eyes,
your giggles
and cries.
I love you running
and walking,
and talking.
I love you through and through...
yesterday, today, and tomorrow, too.

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