Monday, July 4, 2011

The angels in red

This post is from Sonya personally. She is the Vice President of The Red Thread Promise.

One of the highlights of my last day in Haiti was going upstairs in St. Vincent’s dormitory to visit Yolen, a teenager that I have felt a strong connection to ever since we first met back in February. She is a quadriplegic with no use of her legs and extremely limited use of one arm and hand.


Yolen was lying in her bed when I entered the dormitory, but when she turned her head toward the door and saw me, her smile lit up the room. Each time we visit, I take the time to stroke her arms and her hair, to wipe lunch remnants off her face and talk to her, whether she can understand me or not. She recognized me instantly and kept reaching her tiny atrophied arm up to me so I could rub her arm as usual. We “talked” for awhile and then I had the honor of lifting her frail body out of the bed and into her new red wheelchair.

Her red dress reminded me of the day we presented Diana her chair back in February. She blended right in! It was such a blessing seeing Yolen in her new chair next to Diana. I look forward to seeing her again.


One of the sight-impaired boys examining Diana's wheel

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