Monday, November 8, 2010


Little Yin Xi is now 5 weeks old and gaining much needed weight in preparation for his upcoming spina bifida surgery. Unfortunately, harsh winters can take a toll on these fragile children.

Since our last update, Yin Xi developed pneumonia and was admitted to the hospital on October 30th. He has since been released into the care of Swallows Nest where, under the doctor's direction, they administer his medications and give him the love and affection needed for his full recovery. Thankfully, all pre-surgical testing is complete and now we wait for his health to stabilize so we can proceed.

According to Swallows Nest, he is eating well again but cries alot and appears uncomfortable. He will be taken back to the hospital on Wednesday but his caregivers are unsure if he will be well enough to admit and receive the procedure. We will keep you updated on his health and progress.

To date, The Red Thread Promise has raised and sent $2,000 toward his surgery (total cost is $5,000). Although we have not yet reached the full amount, having given nearly half will help Swallows Nest in their efforts to secure additional funding. Every little bit counts.

In late October 2010, a post-surgical 18 month old from Swallows Nest was adopted. We are hopeful with this early intervention, Yin Xi will also be so fortunate. Next year we want to give you an update that he has gone to his forever family all because of your generosity - all because you cared about the health of a baby you will probably never meet.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider support Yin Xi by making a donation to The Red Thread Promise. Simply put "Yin Xi" or alternately "China baby" in the memo line of your check or PayPal.

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