Thursday, September 30, 2010

CHINA :: The Spina Bifida Challenge

Lu Yuan, September, 2010

We are happy to share the latest photos of Lu Yuan from Swallow's Nest Children's Home in China. He is growing rapidly and developing well following the spina bifida surgery that The Red Thread Promise provided for him in fall of 2009.

As our chapter closes with Lu Yuan, a new chapter is revealed – another beautiful Chinese baby has grasped the red thread of destiny, bringing us together.

His name is Yin Xi (pronounced yin shi) and he is only 2 weeks old. He was brought to Swallows Nest Children's Home on September 30, 2010, weighs 4 kg and appears strong. He is a bit fussy and loud, which gives us hope that he is a fighter, a desirable trait in a child with this serious condition.

Yin Xi, September 28, 2010

Yin Xi also needs surgery to address his spina bifida, a birth defect where part of the spinal cord is outside the body in a sac. Spina bifida occurs at the end of the first month of pregnancy when the two sides of the embryo's spine fail to join together, leaving an open area. In some cases, the spinal cord or other membranes may push through this opening in the back. This condition ranges from little or no disability to full paralysis and inability to use the legs.

The surgery costs $5,000 USD. The Red Thread Promise has agreed to help provide this life-changing surgery for Yin Xi. Being in a better state of health is a gift that he will have for the rest of his life and will greatly increase his chances of being adopted.

Due to the fact that his sac is open and a source of infection, Swallows Nest would like to schedule the surgery in approximately 3 weeks. Thankfully, the caregivers at Swallows Nest have experience with spina bifida babies and we are confident in their ability to use universal precautions to prevent infection and other complications. In addition, they would like to get him to Shanghai for surgery before the cold weather sets in and there are increased chances of cold and flu which may result in pneumonia.

Our Challenge
In response to this short time frame, The Red Thread Promise will match up to $2,000 for any funds raised for Yin Xi between now and October 14th. That's two weeks to find others who share in our passion for the health of children who have no one to advocate for them.

If you would like to support Yin Xi and children like him, please click on the donate button on the right side or send a check to the address at the top. Please mark your donation spina bifida so we know which funds are being matched through the challenge.

Thank you for any support you are able to provide.

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