Tuesday, November 9, 2010

JACOB'S FUND - McKenna Farms spruced up by Home Depot teams

Three Home Depot teams from the Atlanta area joined forces this week on a Team Depot project to help a local non-profit, McKenna Farms Therapy Services. On Thursday, November 4th, district teams 2, 87 and 234 in the Atlanta market sent 30 volunteers to work at McKenna Farms, an organization that specializes in therapy for special needs children.

Volunteers worked diligently throughout the day to greatly enhance the landscaping around the non-profit's main building. They cleaned up the existing landscaping, planted over 30 new live plants including azaleas and other shrubs, and spread new mulch.

Another group of volunteers erected a fence and spread gravel in an area that would be a new employee parking lot, while others provided much needed maintenance to a horse trail. This trail, The Jacob Beachy Memorial Sensory Trail, was originally built two years ago by a Team Depot project with a team from the Mid-South region.

The trail is named after Jacob Beachy, the namesake of The Red Thread's own Jacob's Fund. Jacob’s Fund provides hippotherapy to children with chronic disabling conditions in the Atlanta area. It is a specialized form of physical therapy in which a horse is used for treatment. Numerous children at McKenna Farms have received our help through Jacob’s Fund. The results are amazing improvements in speech and vocabulary as well as improved muscle control and balance.

Thank you, Home Depot, for caring about these exceptional children.

Jacob Noah Beachy was born on May 21, 2004; he died on July 21, 2007. Our work through Jacob's Fund is to honor his life by helping other children enjoy the fullest possible lives.

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