Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Teacher Challenge!

Okay teachers. It's your turn! Two ambitious elementary schools and their students have made a big difference for Haiti this week.

An elementary school in Montgomery, Illinois raised $826 for Rivers of Hope orphanage. A small school in Metarie, Lousiana raised $302 in a day to support TRTP.

How did they do it?

The school in Illinois had pajama day. Each child who wanted to wear their pjs to school brought in a $1 donation for The Red Thread Promise. A similar concept was used in the Louisiana school. Children who brought in $1 were able to leave their school uniforms at home and wear street clothes to school on a designated day.

What a simple way to support relief efforts in Haiti! We'd like to challenge you to bring this or other creative idea to your school and try it. Getting children involved teaches them valuable lessons in compassion, a trait that can only be learned by being involved in something that makes another's life better.

What can your school do this week?

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kym said...

Our school here in Maggie Valley had a penny war...kids brought pennies and then they "slammed" other classes to negate the penny totals...they raised over $3000. They donated it to the Red Cross. At first all was going to Haiti, then we had a catastrophe right our own "backyard" when one of the mountains slid down. The kids determined to use some of the money to help the people here, too, through the local Red Cross. Yes, pennies make a big difference and so can children! :)