Sunday, February 28, 2010

Haitian Schools

As we prepare for our trip to Haiti in 5 days, we think about the work we began teaching English at Mountain Top Ministries (MTM) school in Gramothe.

According to MTM, the government of Haiti has realized the following statistics about schools in Haiti:
  • 5,000 schools were destroyed
  • 80,000 teachers are now unemployed
  • 1 million students no longer have a school to attend
These are sobering facts that give us even more cause to thank God for what we have and for what our friends at Mountain Top Ministries can provide to the students of Haiti.

We are happy to report that MTM resumed classes at their schools in the villages of Gramothe and Dumay on February 8th, nearly 1 month following the quake. Students are attending, but not all are accounted for. Sadly, MTM confirmed that one of their 6-year-old students, Kenia Tilus (pictured above), was one of the countless casualties of the earthquake. While walking along the river bed with her father after attending a day of kindergarten at the MTM Gramothe school, the earthquake struck and a rock slide was triggered striking this beautiful little girl.

Many Haitians are still gripped with fear following this tragedy. Please pray for the students and their families to not be afraid as the aftershocks still continue. (Aftershocks were reported by MTM as late as February 23rd, 6 weeks following the earthquake.) Pray for the Haitian government so that they would encourage schools that were unaffected to remain open for students. MTM has heard reports of schools that have been forced to close their doors by the government until ALL schools are able to open. Please lift up all school administrators and teachers whose job has become all that much more challenging.

We are encouraged to hear that so many students have returned to school in the midst of this national crisis. They truly want to learn and we are happy to be a part of the process, teaching ESL classes. Although we don't know exactly what the upcoming trip holds for our team, we look forward to our departure on March 6th. We plan to do whatever work they need at Mountain Top Ministries and Rivers of Hope and are so very grateful for your support.

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