Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Wheelchair Donations

St. Paul's Episcopal Church-Lakeview in New Orleans voted to support the Wheelchair Promise Program this past Sunday. ECW (Episcopal Church Women) have already donated $650 which will allow us to purchase our first 2 wheelchairs and 2 repair kits! Upon the receipt of funding for an entire container of 95 wheelchairs, it will be shipped to Mountain Top Ministries for distribution.

St. Paul's Haiti relief task force meets this weekend with members of St. Paul's, The Red Thread Promise and the greater community to strategize on how best to make a difference to the people of Haiti. The ECW group will be introducing the wheelchair program to other ECW groups, Episcopal schools, community groups and those that might want to team with TRTP and St. Paul's. We are so grateful for their support!

We'd love to hear the creative ways people are putting their compassion in action. If your church, school, family, group is doing something to support The Red Thread Promise, please contact Kathy with your story.

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