Saturday, January 18, 2014

JACOB'S FUND :: Rotary hears our story

Glenna Fisher, Director of Jacob's Fund
We love telling our story. So when Rotary of Middletown, Ohio, invited Glenna Fisher, Director of Jacob’s Fund, to speak during this week's meeting, she was delighted. “Knowing Rotary’s dedication to service and international understanding, I knew that they would not only listen to our story, but would hear it with both hearts and minds,” Glenna said.

“The Red Thread Promise’s story—from Zhou-Zhou in China, the first child whose surgery we sponsored, to Kyle, whose hippotherapy we support at Hilltop, just minutes away from where we were meeting—is a story of loving children and helping them live their lives to their fullest potential.”

The Red Thread Promise hopes to partner with Middletown Rotary to help children in the Cincinnati area through Jacob's Fund. As one of the Rotarians said following Glenna’s presentation, “There are so many children in our area who would benefit from hippotherapy.”

We whole-heartedly agree. Together with our supporters from Rotary and across Ohio, we hope to make a lasting difference in their young lives.

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