Thursday, October 11, 2012


Tony atop Pumpkin during therapy
A positive outlook
On the beautiful, misty Friday morning of September’s trip to McKenna Farms, Glenna spotted Tony and his therapist, Kristen, leading Pumpkin—a strikingly beautiful horse— from the barn to the outdoor arena. As they walked, Tony was telling Kristen, “Well, not every weekend can be a great weekend!” 

That’s so typical of Tony – he brings a positive attitude to all life’s challenges of which he has endured many. 

Glenna greeted him at the gate of the arena. Tony vigorously shook Glenna’s hand, replying in his unfailingly polite manner, that he was unable to talk right then as he needed to focus on his riding. Glenna stepped aside, watched them enter the arena and quietly observed his session with the therapist. 

One of the most beautiful moments was in the ring, after warming up the horse for the ride. Kristen regarded Tony and said, “Pumpkin looks really happy this morning. Do you think he’s happy?” Tony replied simply: “He’s happy. I’m happy. There’s a big smile on my face!” 

Jacob’s Fund wants to keep that smile on Tony’s face. If you’d like to help, donations can be made via check (to the address at the top right) or via our handy PayPal button (right sidebar). Thank you for you continued support of children in the United States.

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