Monday, October 8, 2012

ATW :: Nicaragua / Juan update

Juan on the day he received his new ATW

Remember Juan in Nicaragua? Juan received one of our All Terrain Wheelchairs (ATW) in late 2011. Lucy, our contact from Accion Esperanza / Partnership for Hope (Ashland, OR), recently visited Juan in his community of El Lagartillo and shared these brief updates:

  • Work is underway to make the front entrance to Juan's house wheelchair accessible
  • Juan received the replacement parts for his ATW (including new tubes and tools)
  • He was pleased to note that the replacement tires for his ATW are a standard size bicycle tire that is locally available

"It is far superior to any chair I have ever been in. 
It is fast and stable and looks forward to using it daily."
~ Juan

We will continue to update you on Juan as information becomes available. Thank you to our donors for their prayers and financial support of our programs. Together we are indeed making a difference.

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