Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CRITICAL REQUEST – Turning a crisis into a miracle

Imagine yourself being 
an active participant in turning 
crisis into a miracle. 


We recently found out that St. Vincent's Center for Handicapped Children in Port-au-Prince is in dire circumstances. Simply stated, ST. VINCENT’S NEEDS FOOD. This includes the orphans and their caregivers, boarding and day students, as well as the teaching and administrative staff.

The food donor that has sustained the Center for the past school year is ending its food distributions all over Haiti at the end of September, 2012. With limited resources, only two feasible options have been identified for St. Vincent's to sustain itself if a new food donor is not secured:

  1. St. Vincent’s will close the dormitory to all students except the orphans; OR
  2. St. Vincent’s will close the dormitory to all blind and deaf children from the countryside

In either scenario, children who would normally board at St. Vincent’s will, more than likely, no longer be able to go to school due to the distance between their homes and the Center. And, many may go without food at all. This effects not only their physical well-being but also greatly limits, if not eliminates, any educational opportunities that may be near their homes as most schools in Haiti can not take children with disabilities.

YOU can be the difference for these children. This is a wonderful opportunity for our supporters to touch young lives in a critical way. 

The cost of 3 meals a day for a single person is only $2.00. That’s less than an average cup of coffee from a gourmet coffee shop. We've done the math to see how far your donation can go:

  • $2.00 – one day (3 meals)
  • $14.00 – one week (21 meals)
  • $60.00 – one month (90 meals)
  • $180.00 – three months (270 meals)
  • $360.00 – six months (540 meals)
  • $540.00 – full school year (810 meals)
  • $720.00 – one full year (1095 meals)

Donations can be made by sending a check to the address on the top right or by clicking on our PayPal button. Please be sure to write "SV food" in the memo line.

Don't let the opportunity to change lives in a meaningful and immediate way pass you by. Join The Red Thread Promise in bringing food to St. Vincent's.

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