Saturday, June 4, 2011

The story behind the video

Bob, the director from be productions

Al, the cinematographer from barking cat pictures

So, let’s just start off by saying that The Red Thread Promise did not set out to make a video about our work this year. We’ve been too busy with our day-to-day humanitarian activities and always tight budgets to even consider such a thing. However, in early 2011, that silken red thread of destiny was revealed again when Sonya (TRTP VP) connected to a really interesting man named Bob and the rest, as they say, is history.

During a small job in which the two worked together, Sonya mentioned that she wanted to wrap things up before her first trip to Haiti in February. And the door to conversation opened.

It was evident from Bob’s first question that he was interested in our work. Of our 2 hour meeting that day, only about 45 min related to the job – the rest focused on The Red Thread, specifically about what we do in Haiti. And of course, Sonya did what she does best, which was talk it up! From The Red Thread’s agenda for the first trip (see our posts in Feb – March, 2011), to TRTP’s overall mission, objectives and goals and everything in between.

Sonya wasn’t even in the parking lot after the meeting before she was on the phone to Kathy explaining the extraordinary phenomenon that had just transpired – a relatively simple business meeting had the potential to turn into a professional video promoting awareness of TRTP and our work. We couldn’t believe that someone of Bob’s talent would be interested in our little grassroots organization. But something struck a chord with him and he grasped that red thread.

After a few more calls and meetings, it was a done deal—we were going to Haiti with a camera crew to shoot the video! Bob recruited a fantastic cinematographer, Al, who has been such an asset to our team. The two of them have more years of experience making commercials and films than we can count. (Pinch me, is this really happening?)

Yet here we are, getting ready to hop on our return flight to Miami after spending the week together in Haiti. We shot from dawn till dusk, in the sunshine as well as the driving rain, no makeup, no hairdryers, covered in sweat – this is the real deal folks. There were tons of laughs, definitely some tears as we choked up talking about the kids, some moments of frustration since none of our team had ever been in front of a camera before. Need we say more?

Of course we will. In next post. Whenever we can get internet service again. Signing out from Haiti. Back to the US we come.

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