Wednesday, June 1, 2011

JoJo's artwork (again!)

For anyone interested in supporting St. Vincent's, we are again selling some of JoJo's artwork. You can read more about JoJo here. Below are some of the pieces currently for sale and the associated prices. (Please note that shipping is not included. All sizes are approximate - we did not have a ruler or tape measure to take true measurements.)

Please email or message The Red Thread Promise on Facebook if you are interested in any of the paintings. A portion of the purchase price goes to JoJo and a portion directly to St. Vincent's for food and other immediate necessities.

We hope you enjoy his artwork as much as we do!

Market women 1 - medium (10 x 12"ish) - $50

Market women 2 - medium (10 x 12"ish) - $50

Market women 3 - small (8 x 10"ish) - $25

Market women 4 - medium (10 x 12"ish) - $50

Market women 5 - medium (10 x 12"ish) - $50

Earthquake 1 - large (36 x 24ish) - $400 US

Earthquake 1 - large (24 x 36ish) - $400 US

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