Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wheelchair Promise Program Delivery

We are happy to announce that we have delivered our first all terrain wheelchair to Haiti! (Author's note: Actually, it was done about 2 weeks ago and I am just now getting the post on the blog. Sorry for the delay!)

Willem (in the pale green shirt) was able to give the wheelchair to a very deserving man named Robert who had been an accomplished welder and farmer in Gramothe until some time ago. "Blanc" (as he has been nicknamed because of his light colored skin) has a progressive condition that is causing him to lose the ability to use his legs. The doctor has not given a prognosis of Blanc's condition. He has been immobile for quite some time.

Blanc was very thankful to receive the wheelchair and even more excited about the prospect of having the mobility that the all terrain wheel chair will provide him. He is still young and hopeful to return to welding and farming to some degree with the use of the chair. He is married and has two boys that both attend the MTM school at Gramothe, one of which hopes to become an engineer.

Below is a video of Blanc's first "spin" around the house as Willem is teaching him how to operate the wheelchair and maneuver through the doorway. The video is not great, especially when trying to shoot inside a cement and stone house with no electricity and little natural light.

We are excited about the shipment of 100 wheelchairs that is bound for Haiti! It is scheduled to dock in late June and then we work to get them through customs, which could be a lengthy process, following which we will identify candidates for the wheelchairs and begin distribution.

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