Thursday, April 8, 2010

Resuming Haitian Adoptions Through Standard Process

The Haiti government has requested that the United States provide them with a final list of orphans being considered under the Special Humanitarian Parole Program for Haitian Orphans. As a result, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will stop accepting new requests for consideration under the special program as of April 14, 2010, and will resume regular processing of intercountry adoptions.

USCIS believes the vast majority of adoption requests for orphans who meet the criteria of the special program have already been submitted. Since January 18, USCIS has authorized parole for more than 1,000 orphans under the special program, and as of April 5, approximately 340 cases are still being considered. The unprecedented program included safeguards to ensure that each child granted parole was truly available for adoption and had been matched to a suitable U.S. citizen for adoption.

To read the fact sheet from USCIS, click here.


Katie said...

Hi I sat across from you today at the twig event. I over heard you talking and I wanted to say how awesome I thought you were and what you were doing. I could not hear everything but I wanted to tell you I would love to learn more. I am a adoptive mom, to Lauren. She was born in the US (she looks haitian, you never know) She is a joy. You look so framiliar do you go to VBC? Fill me in.
In Christ,

Red Thread Sonya said...

I am so behind... I am usually so busy posting to The Red Thread's blog and FB and doing all of our marketing materials that I forget to check the comments! I've been going through the blog looking at comments, deleting as necessary, and then ran across yours. Please email me directly at I'd love to fill you in on everything!