Wednesday, December 11, 2013

UGANDA :: Saving lives

What a joy to receive word from Missy in Kampala. Through these stories below, you can see your gifts at work with abused women in Uganda.

Mary. As the oldest daughter in her family, Mary had been serving as the primary caregiver of her gravely ill mother. During that tragic time, she and two other family members were raped and beaten during an invasion in their community. 

For a year, Mary was unable to receive the medical care that she desperately needed to help recover from her trauma. Her family lives on less than a dollar a day and cannot even provide enough food to feed all of the children in their home. Mary's only option was to seek treatment at a local government hospital where she experienced discrimination and still could not access adequate care. 

When she came to us for help, our primary goal was immediate medical care. Unfortunately, we had to wait over a month until her mother was better and her responsibilities as caretaker decreased. Only then was Mary able to see a doctor. 

One of our many concerns was the severe stomach pains she had been experiencing for the last several weeks. Thankfully, we were finally able to take Mary to the doctor last week for both a gynecological exam and general physical. During a follow up visit, the doctor discovered that Mary was suffering from an advanced ameba. This common parasite is very prevalent in Uganda but can be treated with an antibiotic. However, if left untreated, the parasite can enter the blood stream and cause death. 

Mary is now undergoing treatment to remove the parasite from her body. Her prognosis is good and we expect a full recovery thanks to your generous support of her care. 
"This exam literally saved her life
Her family would not have been able to afford this exam or
treatment without the help of The Red Thread." ~ Missy

Jackie and Missy
Jackie. For the first time in many years, Jackie was also able to see a doctor, thanks to support from The Red Thread. This medical care has been pivotal in her healing and rehabilitation from the many traumas she has suffered. Following her care, she is doing much better, is happy and empowered. She has even enrolled in English, computer and sewing classes! 
"We are grateful to The Red Thread Promise for your 
partnership in assisting these girls within our community. 
This access to medical care is pivotal to the work that we 
are doing to assist in the healing, rehabilitation and 
empowerment of these young girls." ~ Missy

Please prayerfully consider supporting our work with Missy in Uganda. Together, we can promote healing and HOPE to battered girls across the globe. Donations can be made via our the PayPal button in the sidebar or check (sent to the address at top right). Thank you!

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