Saturday, February 16, 2013

CHINA :: 100,000 angels for Yong

Connections. That’s what The Red Thread Promise is all about. It is the root of the Chinese proverb from which we take our name and the cornerstone of our work.

  • It’s that instant attachment you have to a child in great need, no matter what country they call home.
  • It’s the heavy weight on your heart that can only be lifted when that child’s needs are met, no matter how extensive.
  • It’s the heights we go to together, ensuring that we are part of the solution for this child, offering hope for the best life possible.

Connections also allow us to come together to solve problems, forging partnerships with other organizations and medical specialists. Through these partnerships, we capitalize on our individual strengths for the collective good.

In the case of this post, the collective good has a name, and it is YONG.

Only a week ago we met Yong through Love Without Boundaries, one of our partners in China. He is a sweet, handsome 5-year-old living in Guizhou. As you can see by the photographs, he has a large facial tumor that is growing rapidly and has recently begun to impact his ability to swallow and chew. While this brings its own set of challenges, the greatest threat at this time is that, at the current rate of growth, the tumor will soon close off this young boy’s airway.

Eating is a challenge
Yong has already received an MRI in his home province and a biopsy of the mass. Thankfully the tumor is benign, but the risks to his health from its rapid growth are grave. Both surgeons and radiologists have determined that an aggressive course of action must be taken to save Yong’s life that involves a series of complex and expensive surgeries. Many of his facial nerves have been massively stretched and the blood supply feeding the tumor are some of the biggest challenges during the operation.
At the hospital
Charming the nurses

Although many hospitals in both China and the US have been approached, none have been able to donate their services due to the intricate nature of the procedure. But there is hope. Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles has agreed to perform the initial operation. However, due to the magnitude of the procedure, his medical costs will be steep.

How do you put any price on the life of an innocent child?

Yong will need an army of angels to come together to fund the medical care he so desperately needs: 100,000 angels to be exact. The Red Thread Promise has agreed to be one of those angels and we invite you to join us in raising the $100,000 needed to cover the American surgeons’ and hospital fees. Together we celebrate that over $30,000 has already been raised for his care..
After the biopsy
Love Without Boundaries is working with the Chinese government to secure his medical visa so he can travel to the US and be seen in Los Angeles on March 1st! Yes, that is less than 2 weeks away. We’ve all seen the miracles that occur when people give from their hearts. Today YOU can be one of Yong’s angels.

If you would like to support Yong, donations can be made to The Red Thread Promise via PayPal or check. Please see the donation information in the left sidebar. Be sure to put his name in the memo line.

More importantly, please share this post with your friends, family, co-workers, employers, churches, civic groups and any others with a heart for children. Help us spread the word about Yong's critical need through your connections as well. Together, we can raise the additional funds necessary for his care, revealing that red thread of destiny.

THANK YOU for your support and prayers and this little guy.

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